weGather Updates, Jan. 13, 2017

  • Did you get a bunch of gobbledygook when you tried to log in with Facebook? We improved the error message so it actually makes sense!
  • Were you confused by “Stories?” Yeah, you and a lot of other people. We’ve reworked our terminology of photos, albums and memories. For more, CLICK HERE for an overview.
  • We improved experience for family members when they receive links to share photos. Before when a family member who didn’t have the weGather app installed on their device received a link to comment on a photo, the device would prompt them to download the app. This was more prominent than the button encouraging them to comment, which was confusing. This banner is now not displayed in this context.
  • Fixed bugs with navigation arrows in various places in the app, and with the native back arrow on Android devices.
  • Improved password reset experience. Before the password reset process was handled on the web instead of directly within the app. This caused users to save their passwords in their browsers instead of remembering them, which made it hard to log into the app.
  • Removed interference by ad blocker software with the app which caused the app to not function correctly.
  • Fixed import problems with Dropbox. 

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